Rosendale Runs Results

While the weather may not have cooperated everyone seemed to take the race in stride and looked tough doing so. Congratulations to all runners in both races. I’d like to thank all the volunteers who without them we couldn’t put on such races. We’re especially thankful on days like today with tough conditions that these wonderful people donate their time to make the event great for the runners.

Here are the results for both race…

4.4 Results – 2017 Rosendale Runs Plains Run Results

Half Marathon Results – 2017 Rosendale Runs Half Marathon Results

Hope you’re all home dry and warm. We’ll see you all soon.

One thought on “Rosendale Runs Results

  1. Lori Slater

    This was a great race in every way. Coming from Long Island, I am envious of the beauty your club gets to enjoy. Can’t wait to see you at After the Leaves for my 2nd time around this year.
    I’m hoping you will again hold the Rosendale half again next year….and order with better weather 🙂

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