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A couple upcoming races we recommend

Hello Runners!

We’d like to recommend a couple upcoming races in October.

Rosendale Runs Half Marathon and 4.4 Miler
The Rosendale Runs race will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2016. The Town of Rosendale, in upstate New York, just 90 miles from NYC provides a beautiful venue for its 2nd Half Marathon and its long standing popular 4.4 Plains Run.

Come experience breathtaking scenic views around every bend in the midst of the fall foliage. A mostly flat course, yet with just enough challenge to offer the sense of accomplishment desired.

Run across the trail that made the National Rails to Trails Conservancy’s top ten- list of most “iconic rail trails”. You will cross over the 143- year old historic Rosendale trestle bridge, which extends 900 ft. across the Rondout creek. The race will take you along scenic lakes, into a cave lit only by “Halloween pumpkin candles”. Come experience the dramatic scenery of the enchanting town of Rosendale that helped build the Brooklyn Bridge with its natural limestone cement.

All proceeds (100%) will go the Town of Rosendale Parks and Recreation.
More Details & Registration

Let’s Get Literate 5k
Join us for the inaugural Let’s Get Literate 5k to support The Literate Earth Project. All proceeds from the Let’s Get Literate 5k will go directly to funding libraries and providing books to Ugandan students.
Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2016
Race Time: 9:00am
Location: New Paltz, NY
More Details & Registration

Hope to see many familiar faces out there supporting these local races for great causes!

Fun Run & Awards Tonight!

Tonight is the final night of the 2016 New Paltz Summer XC Series! The fun run will start at Garvan’s Gastropub this year. The address is 215 Huguenot St, New Paltz, NY 12561. (Google Map) If the parking lot gets full the BOCES parking lot can be used with a short walk to Garvan’s.

Reminder this isn’t a timed event. You don’t need to bring your bib and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice run on the rail trail.

See you tonight!

Summer XC Series #4 Recap

It’s certainly been interesting weather for this years races. Last night was no different with some mist and thick cloud cover causing it to be darker than usual. I know how dark it must have been in the woods at Spring Farm and I’m happy that most people came out of the woods unscathed. There’s always a positive and that was that the temperatures were mild.

Next week is the Fun Run / Series Awards. There is a change this year and that we will be meeting at Garvan’s Gastropub (215 Huguenot St, New Paltz, NY 12561) We’ll all head out on the rail trail for a fun run and head back for the series awards.

Thank you all for joining us for the races and we hope you’ll come out for the fun run and to see the awards.

Here’s a recap of results for the series
Week 1 Results
Patterson’s Pellet
Kids Runs

Week 2 Results
Blueberry Run
Kids Runs

Week 3 Results
Undercliff / Overcliff
Kids Runs

Week 4 Results
Lou’s Run
Kids Runs

Race Series Awards
(Note: you needed to complete at least 2 races and have 4 points to receive a series award at the fun run)

Kids Series Awards will be ready for the Fun Run on Monday

Draft results from last nights run “Lou’s Run”

Draft results from last nights run “Lou’s Run” at Spring Farm. I have a discrepancy I need resolved. Bib #489, which wasn’t an assigned bib, came through in 36th place with a time of 34:43.10. I’m assuming the real bib # was written on the other side as they probably forgot their bib one of the weeks. For proper results and series awards for this person I need to know who it is. For now here are last nights results missing that person and a pdf of those who reached the 4 points with at least 2 races in the series and will be able to get their series award next week at the fun run.

Lou’s Run Results
Note: The pace is based off 4.2 miles although we’re not exactly sure how far the race was. I had 4.16 while someone else had 4.51

Series Award Winners
Kids Results

Summer XC Series #3 Recap

Were you brave enough to chance that the race might be cancelled last night? If so, you were treated to an incredible sunset over the Catskills and some cool fog on Undercliff. Oppressive heat subsided after the storm and the kids races were able to be run normally and the adult race went off without a hitch. I don’t think there could have been a better late July evening in the Shawangunks.

First off an update on the Series Awards for this year. To receive a wonderful handmade ceramic mug at the end of the series you need to achieve at least 4 points over 2 or more races. Please check the attached document to see if you have reached this level already. Those in bold have already met the requirements.

Results for last nights race are available at:
Adults –
Kids –

Next week is the final race in the series “Lou’s Run” to be held at the Spring Farm Trailhead in Mohonk Preserve. This 4+ mile run will take you through grassy paths, single track and a super fast downhill finish on carriage road. Reminder that if you ran the Mohonk “Bridge 2 Bridge” Run this past spring you are allowed free entry into Lou’s Run.

Thanks to all who came out last night!

Summer XC Series #3 Info

Tonight is the 3rd race in the New Paltz XC Summer Series. The race will be held starting at the West Trapps Trailhead in Mohonk Preserve. The race is a 4.7 mile loop on Undercliff / Overcliff. Parking is in the West Trapps Trailhead parking lot with overflow parking in the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center Parking. Parking on Rt 44/55 is illegal and you can get ticketed. Please do not park on the side of Rt 44/55 as it causes issues for both the Mohonk Preserve and Shawangunk Runners and we certainly don’t want you getting ticketed or towed.

A note about the weather for tonight. Temperatures should be in the mid 80’s around 6 o’clock with it feeling like low 90’s. There’s currently a 50% chance of storms after 8pm. Please keep this in mind for tonights race. There will be water at the start/finish and half way through the course at Rhododendron Bridge.

Please remember to bring back your bib from previous weeks. Day-of registration starts at 6pm with the kids races (.5/1 mile) races going off at 7 and the adults as soon as possible after.
Update: Kids races will be shortened to .25/.5 because of the heat tonight

See you tonight!

Summer XC Series #2 Recap

Nothing brings more wonderful thoughts than to go for a nice slow run through fields of blueberry bushes with the sun shining down. The feeling of floating over the grass and shoving handful after handful of delicious blue berries into my mouth. Never do I think of snakes, bears, rain or lightening. Last night of course brought some of these things to 182 runners who braved the chance of some intense thunderstorms.

The race started with some dark clouds in the distance but a hope that we would be spared the worst. Of course, for those who did run, we didn’t totally miss the storms but we did miss the worst of them. Some torrential downpours and wind turned a hot and sticky evening into a fun filled puddle stomping romp around Minnewaska State Park. The evening ended with a clearing sky and a beautiful rainbow. I’d have to say it was a pretty memorable evening for all those who came out. Hope you enjoyed it!

Kids Results | Adult ResultsPoint Standings after Week 2

Next week we move to Mohonk Preserve. The race starts at Trapps Bridge Trailhead and runs either direction on Overcliff / Undercliff. The race is 4.7 miles on carriage roads. Important: there is no parking on the side of Rt 44/55. Overflow parking will be at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center. If you park on the side of the road you may get towed and also it may stop us from being able to run at this location in the future. Please carpool to save parking spaces.

Current weather forecast is a high of 91 with a chance of thunderstorms.

Also Roger Kopps photos from the finish line at Summer Solstice are available at:

Summer XC Series #2 Results Help

Here are the tentative results from last night. I need some help though as we recorded the same bib 198 twice at place 81 and 85. At the moment I’ve marked them as Unknown Runner. Please take a look at the result and see if you are missing and contact me so I can get out the proper results and recap. Thanks

Summer XC Series #1 Recap

Last nights kickoff to the Summer Series couldn’t have gone much better. I know there were some problems getting to Minnewaska because of accidents but I hope it didn’t take away from your enjoyment of the evening. Weather was absolutely amazing for this time of year and I can see from finish times that it helped you all run a little faster than in past years. We had 205 finishers in the 3 mile run, 15 in the kids 1/2 mile and 17 in the kids 1 mile.

Kids Results
3 Mile Results

Course Map and Elevation from 2016 Patterson’s Pellet Run
NPSXCS1 MapNPSXCS1 Elevation



Next week we return to Minnewaska State Park for the beautiful, delicious and challenging Blueberry Run. Remember to bring back your bib from this week as it’s used for the entire series. There may be some fun public shaming if you forget it but we’ll take care of you and write up a temporary one for the race.

See you next Monday!

P.S. Currently the weather looks to be mostly sunny with a high temp of 89. Plenty of time for that to change but figured I’d give you a heads up 🙂

2016 Summer Series #1 at Minnewaska State Park: Patterson’s Pellet

Exciting that our first race in the cross country series starts tomorrow night. A change this year is the first race will be at Minnewaska State Park. Patterson’s Pellet is an ~3 mile run on carriage roads which brings you up Millbrook Mountain Carriage Road to this interesting geologic feature where it’s perched atop the cliffs above Palmaghatt Ravine. A fun fact about Patterson’s Pellet is that it’s a glacial erratic. They’re simply rocks that were picked up by the glaciers during the last ice age. When the glaciers melted some 12,000-10,000 years ago in the Hudson Valley, the rocks entrained within the ice simply dropped out.*
* Notes taken from Hudson Valley Geologist

Kids Races (1/2 & 1 mile) start at 7pm | Adults immediately following

Reminder that Minnewaska State Park charges a $10 per car entry fee so save some money and parking spots and car pool if you can.

Google Map Coordinates:,-74.2548726,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89dcdf75cd22fec9:0x27e26df1a48a5981!8m2!3d41.7328922!4d-74.2279243

FEES FOR SERIES: family $30.00, individual adult $20.00; child/high school/college runners $10.00.*
FEES PER NIGHT: adult $10.00; kids $5.00.*
* No fee for paid 2016 Shawangunk Runners Members

Registration is still available till about noon on the day of the race. Registration will close until the next day but there is registration on site. If you can please register online to save some time when you get to the event for both yourself and the volunteers.
Online Registration:

If you want to bring a pre-filled out form you can print it here: