2017 After The Leaves Have Fallen Half Marathon (Draft Results)

Hi All

While we had a chilly day it was still beautiful and the scenery couldn’t be beat. I know for me a few things that stood out. This was the first time I realized you could see the Mohonk Tower while coming down Hamilton trail and it was simply stunning off in the distance. A couple other things were the first ice while running and that things got even colder once we hit Hamilton. I hope you all enjoyed the race and had a great time.

As always I want to thank the amazing volunteers who get to the race early, stay late, and make sure you’re taken care of throughout the race. If you ever get the chance I recommend volunteering to see how much goes in to a race. Also thanks to the runners who chose to run our races in beautiful places.

Here are the draft results from today. If you see any issues with the results please let me know and I’ll take care of it as best I can. Email me at christopher.regan@gmail.com

Early Starters: 2017 ATL Self Timer Results

General: 2017 ATL Final results

8 thoughts on “2017 After The Leaves Have Fallen Half Marathon (Draft Results)

  1. Joe Geronimo


    Another great event, thank you… Beautiful day in a beautiful place on a tough course. Thank you to all the volunteers and the people who made ths possible.

      1. Karen Williams

        my pleasure – I’m hoping to be running the race next year. I’m a newbie to half marathons. Especially ones in the mtn but it is just so beautiful.

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